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18 April 2017

What a sunset....Easter has come and gone. Crisp mornings and evenings are a reminder that winter is not far away, some more rain would always be welcome.


10 January 2017

After the rain - washed and refreshed....


10 January 2017

The parched land welcomed the rain


10 January 2017

Welcome storm clouds brew above Donkerkloof


27 July 2016

There was welcome winter rain in the district this week which bodes well for the spring grasses.


22 June 2016

Donkerkloof waits to welcome a select number of winter guests for whom this time of the year means a good day in the veld and eventually a shot that is straight and true.


04 November 2015

Almost an inch of rain fell at the beginning of November, welcome moisture at the start of the hot summer season.

Welcome back!

30 October 2015

Every spring we welcome back to the farm dozens of pairs of Lesser Striped Swallows. They nest under the eaves of the buildings and their descending series of squeaky, nasal notes is a sound synonymous with Donkerkloof.


30 October 2015

Euphorbia coerulescens is known by the Afrikaans name of noors and is found in the south eastern part of the farm and near the lodge. While it looks unpalatable, it is an essential source of food during times of drought. Its yellow flowers bloom in the spring

The Kudu

30 October 2015

Peter Flack has written at length about hunting kudu, in the introduction to Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu, he says "They spoke of them and the men who successfully hunted them with respect and even a touch of awe...to this very day, the mere thought of hunting one of these grey ghosts is enough to quicken my pulse"

Is Summer here?

30 October 2015

It will be 35 degrees Celsius at Donkerkloof today.
But the weather office is warning that a cold front will sweep across the country over the weekend and temperatures will plummet. An inch of rain is predicted for the district on Monday.


16 October 2015

We will update the Donkerkloof blog as interesting information is available.